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Android App

Android was launched in 2008, It’s a mobile operating system, these apps are designed primarily for touchscreen devices. The app is in a zip file containing the app code & its information. Android App is an application designed for android devices & emulators and can be downloaded from the google play store. The term also refers to APK i.e Android packages.


Android app has two types native & hybrid, at a glance both have similar features and design but are developed differently. These applications are designed by using various coding languages(HTML,java,c++,Kotlin,etc). Android apps have gained great importance in business & its branding. Developing a mobile application reflects a company product & service, which makes their audience connect with them easily. Android is a versatile platform that can be customized according to requirements. having an android app may help in ranking and traffic factor if it integrates with the website.

EXSITEMENT being an application development agency in Navi Mumbai, believe in creating value for our customers. A pre-planning is the best way to start it. our team of developers Analysis your competitor and design a professional application that is the origin of your brand. We understand your requirement and developed a responsive and custom app with the aim and perspective of your brand. We help you in branding with our app development services.

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Native App

The term native app refers to building an application that runs on a single operating system. The app is developed by the implementation of coding languages (Kotlin,
Python, etc)

Hybrid App

The hybrid app is a combination of web applications, you can build them using web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and that too using single hosting. The main motive behind developing a hybrid app is its lite in version and simple to develop.

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Benefits of Android App

Application development is a process that gives a high return on investment with various benefits to the organization. The customer basically finds a customized app more effective to engage with company utility and its high-quality product & Services.

The biggest benefit of mobile application is that direct marketing tool between company & customer. It tends to increase productivity with ready information of company product & service in the application.

The ability to send notifications & instant updates to application users is a major reason every business should develop a mobile application. Moreover, it gives regular updates of New products, offers & discounts which increase their sales ratio.

The application development also improves business accessibility by customizing its business application. It allows businesses to build strong relations which helps in knowing its potential customer & build loyalty amongst customers.

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