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Back lit flex board

The very first impression of your business or store is by your signage. Impressive signage always can be a sense of trust, quality of its services to its business potential customer. This can be achieved by customized backlit flex boards for your business or store, shop. Flex on a board is made up of PVC (Poly-Vinyl Chloride). A high-resolution backlit flex film printing is tightly stretched on a metal box which is a frame with the finishing edges of “L” shapes. These signages are deployed when you have a shop, store which needs visibility in the evening or night as these signage’s have their source of light pointed towards the backside of the board.

Backlit flex signage’s are most preferable as it comes with immense benefits for business. Due to its durability, it’s one of the most used business signage’s. As these boards are made up of PVC it is very lightweight, flexible. Printing on these signage’s is of high resolution which stays constant for years as it’s weather resistant. These sign boards are the most cost-effective if compared to other signage’s. These boards are mainly used by grocery shops, pharmacies, small clinics, dispensaries, stationery shops, and bookstores, etc.

EXSITEMENT has gained great experience in manufacturing back-lit flex sign board in Navi-Mumbai & Mumbai. We design your business signage’s with proper research, analysis of competitors, and implementation of new ideas. We keep on striving for new designs & thoughts that make high-quality and affordable business signage’s for your business.

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Backlit Flex Board

As the name suggests, the Backlit flex board is wherein led tube lights embed backside. It’s a white opaque sheet with 510gsm thickness. Backlit flex board appearance to be clear & visible due to lower translucency. The flex on the banner are digitally printed with eco-solvent & solvent print that last long in any weather condition.

Flex Board

A Flex Board which is also known as “Canva” is a simple banner that mainly contains office signage design, it is a white sheet made of PVC that is durable, lightweight, and easy to print on it which is mainly used for digital printing to make business signage’s, political boards, business advertisements, etc.

Vinyl Backlit Flex Board

Vinyl Backlit Flex Board may appear the same as Backlit Flex Board but the making process seems different. These banners base consists of white PVC flex & the above section is pasted with plotter cutting vinyl film, which is self-adhesive. The light in the bords is backlit which gives a realistic look to banners.

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Backlit Flex boards are printed on flex with a high-quality resolution for its display. This gives a glossy and matt finish to the signage that appears to be beautiful & professional.

A Backlit flex board is designed and installed on the metal rods by tightly stretching the flex. Like other signage, it doesn’t require any specific support at the back end.

These Sign Boards are designed & deployed from all types of business, as signage’s play a major role in the branding of the business, A backlit flex board helps in increasing business visibility in the market.

Backlit Flex boards are made up of highquality PVC & effective digital printing is durable in nature, that can stand by in any season and climate. These signages are strong and can be in constant condition for years.

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