Directional Sign

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Directional Sign

The directional sign is also known as a wayfinding sign. The name itself suggests to guide or help in finding out a way around business, institution, hospital, or any public places. It directs your customer from point to point and confirms their progress along the route. This directional sign is used for both interior & exterior purposes in the most customized way. An effective and clear way finding sign tends your customer to be more convenient in finding their destination. It not only guides people but also enhances the user experience in the workspace.

This sign is designed in a way that is visible to people from a far distance. Certain messages denoted on this sign are so minimalistic that are understood by everyone. These types of signs last longer as they are made up of high-quality material and are durable. Its rust resistance appears to be classy and informative.

Exsitement is the most trusted agency in designing a directional sign at Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. With our years of experience in the signage industry, we offer you a wide range of directional signs that include a parking sign, restrooms sign, safety sign, emergency sign, etc. With great enthusiasm for work, our in-house team gives your superior solutions for your brand signages.

type of Directional Sign


It’s the most common type of wayfinding sign. It indicates your customer about the place they arrived. It works as a landmark to people by giving identification to the place they have reached. These signs are straightforward design in a way that they can be understood in a couple of seconds.


The directional sign is a sign that helps your customer know how to navigate to their desired place. This sign helps them to reach their destination. Its placed in a way that is directly in contact with people when they find it. It is mainly found in malls, airports, hospitals, railways, etc.


The information sign seems the same as the Identification sign, it is just more general and clear when it’s applied to a building office or any physical place. It’s the place where it catches more eyeballs. This sign may be seen in the lobby, near the restroom, entrance, etc. Its main purpose is to give details about a specific place.


Regulatory Sign is designed to set limits and restrictions for the safety of people. This sign will set boundaries for visitors about where they are allowed to go and where not. The sign is clear and bold by appearance. It includes the area where signs like No smoking, Caution! High Voltage! , etc appears.

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Benefits of Seo

A Directional sign is designed to direct you to a specific destination. From place “A” to “B” it guides & assists you to reach your place. These can be seen in hospitals, malls, universities, etc. This proper instruction in minimal words helps people in its day to day life.

With no directional sign in any physical place where there is huge traffic of people, it is difficult to manage the audience & direct them to the exact direction. At this point, a sign can assist people in their specific location with any difficulty.

A place with proper instruction of direction can help new employees as well as the old ones to reach their destination. It can be any department in the office, or a lobby, restroom, etc. With direction signs, employees feel comfortable in their workspace.

A directional Sign is consistent as it follows a proper chain to guide people from one end to another. This consistency doesn’t allow any verbal assistance as signs are so unique that they guide people in their journey. It’s in every place where it helps an individual to find the way.

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