It has become a big opportunity for all product base company and also motivation for our next generation production company. This innovation support has been doing a great job all over the world and helps them expand their business by reaching every corner of the world. In the past, it has been tough to create your own eCommerce beyond that more harder is to maintain it, those days are gone now technologies is been coming up with solutions to all the problems they are facing. Ecommerce has become simpler than ever, you can own it at a really affordable price now this is why almost all the manufacturing companies have started their own eCommerce which is one of the best practice to double your product sales and reaching out to a wide location. This is the reason why now e-commerce domain is in a great height of income within a short period
Ecommerce is now one of the huge markets and you are one step away from developing your own eCommerce we Exsitian’s are always excited to work for eCommerce development because it differs product by product and domain by domain. The best part of eCommerce is that there is no limitation.







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The eCommerce market rate gets double after every 4 years in India since 2009 and every time it has to get doubled less than the time it took to get double the previous time. This shows the present and future of eCommerce and you can easily understand how huge e-commerce has become.

An electronic commerce business works more or less on the same principle as an offline/retail store the difference is it works on a broader scale. The whole eCommerce procedure is broken down into three stages which are Order receiving, Order Processing, and Shipping which looks simple but has its huge complexity around. There is a various business format in eCommerce in which individual or group of people can invest their capital, time, and module.

· B2B businesses
· B2C businesses
· Affiliate marketing business
· Google AdWords marketing
· Online auction selling
· Web marketing

For developing a proper eCommerce platform it is very important to share your business module with the development company note: don’t forget to sign an NDA agreement before sharing any ideas and module with them. After sharing a business idea you should talk about your requirements, functionality, what makes you different from your competitors and then you have to share all the product lists and details to sell on your eCommerce. Sharing all the above details should always be in the same sequence which makes an easy way for a development company to develop the same panel as you desire.

Common details that you already know that you have to share with them are
Payment gateway API
 Domain Login
 Hosting Login
 Product Description

Now day by day people increases who expect online shopping is the only convenient way for everything they need and they are ready to pay for that. Any business with products to sell if carry the same mindset will definitely shine and flourish. Electronic commerce is an immediate passage to extending and making a more cost effective and steady selling module for any small enterprises. You deserve it and your business to investigate which alternatives can help take your independent company to the following level.

So on the off chance that you went through ₹ 1,00,000 per year on building up your E-commerce application at that point, it could take around ₹ 20,000 to maintain it.
Once your E-commerce application is distributed, you have to update it routinely. There are web organizations that can carry out this responsibility for you, and they have estimating plans that will cover the maintenance as well. These valuing plans would assist you with foreseeing the amount it will cost to maintain it. You should enlist software engineers to fix bugs, grow new attributes, and functionalities.
So on the off chance that you are recruiting a few developers on an 8-hour work for seven days, at the pace of ₹ 250 every hour, at that point that is the amount you need to spend for them, about ₹ 28,000.