Frosted Vinyl

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Frosted Vinyl

Frosted vinyl is a self-adhesive film that is pasted on glass manifestation. A frosted Vinyl is a transparent vinyl material that has the “frosted” or “etched” appearance. This sheet appears to be professional and is used by both indoor and outdoor displays. These sheets are pasted on the glass as they last for a long period of time. It’s pasted or stuck on a clean surface by water and soap-based solution using a window wiper.

A frosted vinyl has immense benefits as it covers the whole surface of glass or the selective area on the glass. This vinyl sheet can be designed according to your business requirement. These sheets give an attractive look to your office partition, residential building, etc. Its main purpose is to cover glass and give privacy to the workspace as it doesn’t fade or peel off easily at the same time it gives the pleasure of natural light that prevents the room from feeling dark. Frosted vinyl is a thin vinyl film made of plastic and is durable, waterproof & weather resistant.

EXSITEMENT provides the best quality frosted vinyl sheets in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. We offer custom eco-solvent printed vinyl sheets & stencil cut vinyl sheets. We believe in working parallely with your business to make you reach your milestones. We are a result-based agency that offers your vast range of services at a budget-friendly price.

type of Frosted Vinyl

Cut Frosted Vinyl

This is a traditional way of using frosted vinyl. It is a stencil cut of your Company’s Logo or Design, which provides a superior look at your workplace. “Beauty lies in simplicity” and stencil cut frosted vinyl is the simplest way of doing professional branding on office partition glass.

Print Frosted Vinyl

This is a modern technique of using frosted vinyl. If your company’s logo or design has gradient color or texture, making it in stencil cut frosted vinyl is not possible. So we use ECO-SOLVENT print on Frosted Vinyl to provide You that Gradient color or texture on Frosted Vinyl.

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Benefits of Seo

Office premises seem more attractive with uses of glass but designing on glass has limitations & is costly too. Decorating your office glass or rooms with frosted vinyl created professionalism and is cost-effective too.

Frosted vinyl is opaque and doesn’t allow much light to pass by. These sheets are more preferred if pasted on office premises. It protects the glass from excess rays of sunlight and harsh shadows but at the same time doesn’t make your workspace dark.

Glass is the most sensitive material and can get damaged or break if not handled with care. Using frosted vinyl to cover glass gives you a beautiful look and also strengthens your glass from the weather condition.

Glass is transparent, fetches unwanted attention. A frosted vinyl covers your glass and avoids unwanted attention and offers you privacy. It blocks your distraction and gives peace full work surrounding.

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