We can definitely say that for any business startup logo should be the first step they should take into consideration as it is said that if you don’t have your logo or the logo is not proper then your client will definitely cross-check with you about the product you are delivering to them. In India Logo or icons have always given importance and some Indians even consult with Vaastu experts or we can say science of architecture experts to guide them to the suitable concept for their business. Many companies are been recognized by their logo and user trust those companies and chose their products no even thinking about it once this is the actual power of the logo and to create such trust you have to create such a unique concept logo and maintain its legacy. Now logo has come up with different color patterns that mean you can use multiple color variants while branding and marketing, earlier there was only one color logo used for everything now that time is gone you can check some sample of combinations from our work and case study.
We understand the importance of a logo for a company or organization and how it creates an emotional attachment with every member of the company and even also with customers. We have covered almost all domain logos which gives us more challenge to show more creativity. We have also used all 3 types of format of logos making that is wordmark, monogram, and combination mark which is itself a huge format to understand what would be the best for our customers and till now we have satisfied all of them with our quality work.







People also ask

Yes, we have already served some customized packages as per client business requirements. We have created an average package by understanding the types of requirements we are receiving from our client but it is genuine that we will be receiving more unique concepts requirement in the package and as per density of the same requirement we would also be changing our package as we believe to “play it by ears”.

Their standard variation formats for every brand logo which is 4 variations for each logo and from them there would be 1 main logo. All variants are derived from the main logo by taking all the platforms into consideration where the logo would be used like Social media and other digital media, banners, pamphlets, and many more. There are very less companies who provide such facilities to the client and we are one of them.

Yes, every designer company or individual must provide an open file of the logo as you are the owner of that name and design and you’re paying for that ownership. Many companies just share the whole logo in .cdr file which is also not a standard format for your understanding you can check one of our work and case study page visit our work that is the standard format. Even if they are sharing the only logo then the logo should not be a whole image i.e every content of the logo should be separated like words or icons even you can change the color. Simply logo in the open file should not be a whole image than what’s the difference between an image and an open file?

Logo designing is not expensive its costing is dependent on how much you are clear with your logo concept requirement. If you are clear with your concept then we can create one concept logo that is our economy package which is very less expensive. If you are thinking that logo is the same as creative design then it’s totally wrong because for designing creative it takes a minimum of 1hrs to 2hrs and for logo designing it takes days to design. After all, you have to take lots of things into considerations like copyrights, concept matching & variants are the major things rest a designer when he starts designing a logo he scraps 10 to some times 40 concepts of his own design and serves 1 best out of it.

Our answer to this question is – no, not at all you will be getting any problem with copyrights as we do lots of research and development before starting our job on your particular requirement. We don’t even try to go close to any other company logo which can produce any difficulties for you in the future. Each and every logo concept of our customers are fully designed starting from scratch which makes probabilities less than 1% to match with other logo design still it can’t create any issues as there are 0% chances that both logos would be perfectly matching same even with their domain.