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POP Sign

Lollipop sign or POP sign is the bold display that is printed on both sides to give
brand exposure. These signs are intended to uplift the brand identity most attractively. By adopting the latest technology & creative methods it appears to be 3D in nature. It’s a custom-made sign to meet specific requirements but mainly designed in round & square shape. The sign is placed or installed in a perpendicular manner next to your store or shop; which is displayed & visible to audiences passing by.

The purpose to design this aesthetic sign is that no customer is lost & the store can be identified from a distance or any position. For big MNCs or businesses with multiple products, it’s most profitable as it promotes & advertises all the services or products using one lollipop sign. It gives a return on investment, as its durable and long-lasting signboards, made of quality material with superior inspection. Being weather-resistant it can stand by in all seasons and has a self-standing base that minimizes space. Together with all these attributes, a Lollipop sign is important for the branding of a business.

We at EXSITEMENT design & manufacture the best Lollipop Sign in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. Our designed signs or signage’s are elegant, legible which originates from your business. We understand your business requirement and goals so signage’s design by us attracts your potential customer at a gaze. We self monitor our process to ensure that the outcome is with the quality services at an affordable price.

type of POP Sign

Acrylic POP Sign

Acrylic POP Signs are popular signboards that are used by multiple enterprises, this lightbox gives an attractive look to signboards.It is made up of aluminum sheets & led light injected in the center to give it a glow that is visible from any direction & position. Both ends of these signboards pop out, which reveals a 3D Look.


PVC Lollipop Sign functions the same as Acrylic Pop Sign, these lightboxes are too attractive and seem professional to its audience. It is made up of Plastic and the light source of this sign is LED implanted in the center. It appears to be similar as the Acrylic Pop Sign only differs in quality.

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Benefits of Seo

Installation of Pop Sign is Easy and different from other signage. It’s directly installed on the wall, as it has a self-standing base or handles. It seems less expensive as it has weather resistance and long-lasting sign boards.

A designer who designs the face for your signage, design it effectively by using vivid color and design that resembles your idea & brand identity. These colors and designs appear to be beautiful and pleasing to the audience that fetches customer attention towards business. It Also deals with outdoor ambiance.

Google is constantly monitoring your site behavior which includes the time users spend on the website, its bounce rate, etc. which decide the user experience of your web page. Working on SEO by following algorithms will automatically increase your user experience.

The lollipop sign or pop-up sign is designed in the way that it can be installed anywhere out of the storefront parallel to the wall so it can be visible to the audience from a very long distance. This feature of the pop-up sign makes it the most preferable signages as it attracts & targets the customer passing by. It helps to convert your buyers into your prospective customers.

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