Bamboo Sign Board

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Bamboo Sign Board

The Business has mainly used Acrylic Sign Boards, Glow Sign Boards, etc for making their business signage’s, But Bamboo Sign Boards are a whole new concept in the world of signage’s. This creative idea of designing signage’s is put forward and brought in to scale by EXSITEMENT.In the market, bamboo signage is a new concept that has pursued a high-quality level.

Bamboo Signage’s eco-friendly, very strong & durable material as its traditional hardwoods that come with benefits of insect and moisture resistance, at the same time it’s scratch & swelling resistance. Bamboo has great use, Bamboo signage’s are quite unique as it invites aesthetic looks by its finishing. Bamboo signage’s are made out of bamboo that can be cut easier than other wood & designed as per your requirements. It’s weather-resistant and withstands any situation and temperature. All these benefits of bamboo are effectively framed and designed into signage’s by EXSITEMENT.


We have individuals with innovative minds that want to serve its client with every possible service that grows its business in the market & highlights them to a large audience. We design & manufacture Bamboo Sign Boards in Navi-Mumbai and Mumbai we ensure high quality at an affordable price. By implementation of ideas, thoughts we design these sign boards that give a new look to your brand identity.

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Bamboo appears to be smooth, light & bright. Bamboo looks simple and pleasant but can be customized as per need. Bamboo signages are rich in style as they are beautiful & meet a variety of decorative ways to create signage.

Bamboo is the strongest material that has good-bearing capacity. Bamboo signage’s are designed effectively as it is solid and durable to withstand almost every weather. Because it’s both solid & strong it can be designed and framed for exterior business uses.

Bamboo is every-green and easily obtained material that is available almost in all seasons. Signages made of bamboo have a texture that is beautiful & clear. Giving Bamboo Sign a pleasing and attractive look with lights and other eye-catching effects can work as a great signage look.

Bamboo is an Eco-Friendly material that is a fast-growing & renewable resource. Bamboo signages are directly made up of natural bamboo. That doesn’t contain any chemical components & will not harm the human body.

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