Rollup Standee

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Rollup Standee

A Rollup Standee is also known as a rollup banner or pull-up banner that indicates a self-standing display, designed for promotion of a product, point of sale, offering a discount, etc. It’s a significant way of printing advertisement that is mainly used by all types of business. With appropriate, design & information a standee can achieve the attention of customers passing by the street. These banners can be simply pull up and set into a matter of seconds which tend to be 2 meters high with different widths depending on your needs. It acts as the communication factor of business as the message indicates in keeping detailed information about the brand’s product & service.

The core benefit of using rollup standee is can be placed at any location as per choice; as its fixings are easy. Moreover, it doesn’t require much space and is simple to set at the desired place. It can be easily positioned, repositioned as it is light in weight and easy to be carried. These standees last for a considered period of time, as they are durable even in extreme weather conditions. It has a strong supportive aluminum base that doesn’t allow it to blow with strong wind. It’s the most affordable advertising method than any other means of advertising. These rollup standees are corrosion-free.

EXSITEMENT provides the best rollup standee in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. We create customized standees with the help of experts who are fully focused on giving you the best result of your vision and ideas. We are not only known by our name but also for the work which we deliver and deploy to our client. Serving you the best rollup standee at an affordable price is what our team strives for.

type of Rollup Standee

Luxury Roll Up Standee

Luxurious rollup standee is also known as the premium roll up standee. It is thickest & robust as compared to regular standees it gives a more elegant & classy look than another standee. Its stand is made up of aluminum and stainless steel to give it a matt and a glossy base edge. Highresolution print is done on flex & vinyl film to beautify the standee.


The Twin is a double sided roll up banner which is viewable from both the ends. These sides can have the same or different graphic that is printed on flex & vinyl film. A twin-roll-up banner is 800mm wide and 2000mm tall when erected. This standee can have the desired stand (Aluminum or Luxurious) as per the requirement

Aluminum Rollup Standee

The Aluminum Roll Up Standee or pull-up standees are extensively used for advertising or exhibition, product launch, etc. They are printed on digital non-tearable vinyl media. The stand of these banners is made up of aluminum. These are lightweight, Attractive, and easy to fix.

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Benefits of Seo

Unlike other Signages or banners, Rollup Standees doesn’t require any installation; it’s easily fixed with the stand and displayed at a desirable place. It is the most flexible banner which comes with the stand, customize graphic flex, and a packaging bag so it can be displayed whenever needed.

Rollup sing is the most lightweight banner as it’s made up of PVC flex and Vinyl Film which is by default the lightest material. This quality of being lightweight makes it most durable as it can be easily carried and placed according to the requirements.

The Rollup standees are the slimmest and most adjustable banner. It requires less space to be fixed or displayed. To assemble this banner enough space is not required. This advertisement or promotion doesn’t need much place and can be presented at the point where it seeks the particular attention of the audience.

Signage, banner indirectly indicates about what company is, what it does, its milestones, Etc. Rollup standees are the most affordable and attractive way to reach a mass audience. They communicate effectively about the brand, its product & service, new offers, discounts, etc. It builds customer engagement towards business.

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