Safety Sign

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Safety Sign

Safety Sign is the most crucial sign that indicates a safe work environment. The primary importance to design this sign is to ensure working staff & visitors all possible dangers & hazards at a certain place of office, restaurants, hotels, mall, etc. With these signs, employees & visitors may know the necessary directions in time of crisis. This sign is designed with the photo luminescent material so in case of emergency if the light is cut off this sign would still glow and help people to find the solution in a building, office, or a physical place. In an emergency like a fire bust out people are tense and can’t find the proper way to get out, this sign shows them proper direction and helps them to get out of danger.

Safety signs are designed to minimize risk and provide an accident-free zone for its workers & visitors. It drags people’s attention and makes them aware to take every possible step to get out of danger. It is manufactured for both indoor and outdoor which is made of highly durable materials that last longer. These signs are weather resistant & corrosion-free.

EXSITEMENT being the best safety sign designer in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai focuses on offering you high-quality signboards. Our designed Signages involve Prohibition Signs, Mandatory Signs, Warning Signs, Fire Signs, Emergency Signs, etc. This sign is customized according to your business requirement and needs. Our signages are not only made with quality material and are also offered at an affordable price.

type of Safety Sign

Prohibition Sign

Prohibition Signs indicate the chances of increasing danger to a particular place. The sign is designed for the area where the chance of danger is more from fire, water, or electricity. The sign is used from the “do not” command for eg: a nonsmoking zone. The design appears to be in a circular Red Band with a single diagonal cross line black in color in descending manner from left to right and a 45.

Warning Sign

A warning sign is a symbol of danger which is a hazard to human health. This sign is designed to make people aware of nearby dangers for example- high voltage area. The sign is designed in a black band which is in the center in the shape of a three side triangle with a yellow background.

Mandatory Sign

Mandatory sign predicates a behavior that an individual must do or follow. It states important things that need to be followed or obeyed. This sign is presented in blue color with a rectangular appearance with pictogram or text which is positioned centrally. eg -traffic rules.

Emergency Signs

This sign is used for urgency or an emergency basis eg – emergency exits, first aid, rescues facilities, etc. This sign appears to be in green color in square or rectangle with text in white
color placed at the center. This is found in hospitals, big MNCs, Malls, Etc.

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Benefits of Seo

These signs are stated to carry a particular message, It is designed in a way that it is quite easy for its viewer to understand its intention. Generally, it included a text or symbol at a glance which is understood. This might include a warning about potential hazards, a direction, informational sign, etc.

Safety signs make people aware of hazards nearby. It provides safety introduction to employees and people. It reduces the risk and responsibility of people. It highlights mandatory information that needs to follow.

Safety signs are designed to maintain a safe work environment. It makes you alert of hazardous places or guides you of emergencies.This sign makes people safe with its information that is clear and understood. It boosts your safety with bold detailed information.

A safety sign doesn’t give assurance of no accident but reduces the chance of an accident in the workplace, building, or any physical place. The safety sign reduces the responsibility of risk with its bold appearance. In the time of crisis, these signs help employees and workers to find an appropriate solution.

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