Indian private companies have now understood the real value of safety signboards vice versa all the citizens have also started following the signboards. Previously only chemical factories & the government were the only ones who were using such safety signages even though no one was following. After awareness and strict rules by the government now every individual company, organization, malls, & even small shops have started using signboards for better service to their customers. Because of safety signs, lots of human accidents have been decreased and taking precautions for every danger and own safety has been increased. Multiple new signboards have been evolved now to express more to the crowd about the work or place how to behave on that particular location and where you have to be active or relax which has become mandatory to work continuously without using any manpower to notify visitors about the caution.
We are into manufacturing all types of safety signboards which include road safety signs, workplace safety signs, fire exit safety signs, fire safety signs, electrical safety signs, danger signs, chemical signs, emergency exit, and more. We understand the importance of all safety signs and we know where it should be pasted for humane betterment. We know that safety signs don’t need any language to explain to anyone, even illiterates can understand them which is why it is important.

Caution Sign

Caution signs are made by following rules that are yellow background with black color writeup which indicate to the visitors that if not followed then it can cause some personal injuries but cannot lead to death. Caution signs are always seen in manufacturing factories, major companies, and from workers of the companies who are working for construction, maintenance, or service to the different client location.   

Construction Sign

 Construction signs are made by following 4 different color pattern rules and they are green and white, red and white, blue and white, lastly yellow and black and any symbols if used are in black. All the above signs are used to indicate to the workers and the visitors what precautions need to be followed and depending on the color of the board indicates the level of danger.   


CCTV sign’s rules are the same as the Caution signboard that is a yellow background with black color writeup also icons in CCTV are used in black color. This signboard is especially for visitors to inform them that the place they are visiting in which the camera is installed and they are active and recording each and every action that you are performing. This works as a precaution for the incident which can be done in the present or future.

Emergency Sign

Emergency sign is made by following rules that are the red color in the background and white color writeup, it can also be found in the green background with the white writeup. This signboard is used to indicate safety measures location or indicates the way for any emergency occurs on that particular location due to which inside visitors of the location can easily help themselves until and unless any safety team comes up.


People also ask

As per OSHA law workers should be kept safe by the employer it is the Employers responsibility to make them understand all the meaning of safety signs and explain to them how hazardous their workplace is. Employers are also responsible to explain to them what precautions should be taken into consideration if seen such safety sigh or entering the place. Visual communication is too important in such conditions and all other small conditions where the owner of the place or the responsible person of that particular place should not be obligated from the visitors for not showing any awareness.

There are lots of verities in signs which can be used for construction area but few are in common which can be named as
1. Construction area – This sign is used to express multiple information in one sign which indicates only authorized persons are allowed, safety measures should be used once enter like helmet, boots, hi-vis Jacket and more provided by the builder, watch out falling debris, lastly visitors should first report to sight office.
2. Caution personnel only – This sign indicates only authorized persons are allowed
3. Hard hat area – This sign indicates where a hard hat is mandatory and has a risk of a falling object
Many more signs are also used in construction that can be signs warning for flagger and sign for fall hazard

Safety zone signs are the area where the authorized person or group of persons indicates things not to be done in that particular zone, which is to keep the people away from the zone so that they won’t get hurt. Safety zone signs are usually red color background and in that white color of writings and more line of terms and conditions are added as per requirement. The safety zone is also used in constructions to mark a zone where you cannot carry those substances as it can cause serious damage to you and the people surrounding you.

There are some common signboards you can see on almost all office premises.

Notice Sign – This sign are used mainly for new visitors to make them understand the office ethics which is not related to any safety of employee for example No smoking, employee entry only, and many more

Danger sign – This sign is used when there is a severe hazard and can also cause death if not noticed. It is always written in red background and used white alphabets on it.

Warning signs – This sign is below the level of danger sign and it uses an orange color board and alphabets goes in black
More signs are used which can be a caution sign for slippery floors or machines not working or losing electricity which can cause very small injury, safety instructions, and many more.

Major hazardous signs in India are Landslide, Extremely flammable, Toxic, Man at work, School ahead, and more. Above are common to all of us but now new signs are evolving day by day and many companies majorly in manufacturing have started using such signs to make people aware how much hazard is the place which you are trying to visit and stop them before doing any mistake