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metal sign board

A business sign should always represent your business values to your audience. Whether your business is going for a modern or traditional sign both the presence can be achieved by a personalized Metal Sign Board. Signage that is carved or printed on metal is Metal Sign Boards. They are very classy and come in variants of patterns or finishes like gold, rose gold, shiny chrome, etc. Metal doesn’t allow the light to pass by so the letters or sign boards can be given back-glow by using LEDs.These sign boards are designed with help of experts by using stainless & aluminum. Custom metal sign is one of the most popular sign boards, from retail sign to residential sign these are used by every type of business with the motive of attractive & professional sign boards.

Metal Sign is durable because the metal itself is a long-lasting material with rust-proof and weather resistance. Metal Glow Sign Boards are versatile in nature as they get customized in any shape, size, style & design. Metal Sign has a greater positive impact on business through its visually appealing & royal look to its market audience.


EXSITEMENT is one of the finest Metal Glow Sign Board Manufacturers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. We design & manufactured almost all type of sign boards that includes Stainless Steel Sign Board, Aluminium Sign Board, Channel letter sign board etc. We believe that our client deserves a high-quality product at a cost-effective price, so we constantly strive for the new concept to design & manufacture your signages. By analyzing your idea we research and design the sign board that differentiates you from the rest. We are known for our result- oriented service & high – quality product.

type of Metal Sign Board

SS Sign Board

It’s Classified into types such as Matt SS Sign Board, Glossy SS Sign Board, Brush Finish SS Sign Board, etc. These sign boards are used for both interior & exterior purposes of business. It’s long-lasting, strong & versatile which is made up of a mixture of chromium & carbon, but other additives give it quality. These stainless steel boards are highly resistant to corrosion and so are mainly used for architectural, industrial signages.

Aluminum Sign Board

Aluminum is a strong, lightweight metal that is widely used by all types of businesses. Aluminum is the most abundant metal. It’s malleable, so can be easily molded into custom shape & size. These types of metals are weather resistant. Aluminum Sign Board makes your business stand apart from your competitors and also enhances the values of your brand. It mainly helps to attract an audience to your business and highlight your product & services.

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Benefits of Seo

Metal signs boards are highly demanded for being strong in quality. It strengthens to stand in all seasons. Aluminum Sign or Stainless Steel Sign all designs because of their sturdy by feature & aesthetic in existence.

All Through there are many types of metal sign boards. Metal sign boards are demanded by all types of business because it’s rust proof that would mainly
keep less maintenance and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Metal Sign Boards or Metal Sign are primarily used for exterior purposes such as business establishment, offices.
A business entity is always focused on signage that can last longer. Metal Signs last long as metal doesn’t get corrode easily & can stay in the same
condition for years.

With an endless possibility of color, texture & finishing a metal sign board is customized. The customization aspect also includes its thickness. These boards are designed for both interior and exterior purposes, so with metal there are no limits of style; it can be molded and designed as per requirements.

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