Scrolling LED’s

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Scrolling Led's

The LED sign with scrolling text or objects is Scrolling LED Display. It is the best wayto convey business information effectively. Its design for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These LED displays are presented in different pixel ranges P4, P6 , P8,P10. The higher number of pixels gives a higher resolution, which means better display quality.

Scrolling LED displays have immense benefits so are used in almost all types of business sectors. The appearance of these signboards seems to be classy and professional. It provides a slim screen with an elegant design that is easily adjusted to any place. It consumes less energy and works for a longer period of time. Scrolling LED displays are durable as it is corrosion-free, light in weight & weather resistant. More effectively with the pre-programmed controller, it can be given scrolling effects which convey the message and communicate with the distant audience too. This LED Display is found in air ports, banks, restaurants, etc.

EXSITEMENT has been at the forefront in providing the latest scrolling LED display in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. We are in the process to give you a branding solution by customizing, manufacturing & installing this scrolling LED display for your business. By selecting the best materials, craftsmanship & teamwork we assure to deploy the high-quality signage’s at a cost-effective price.

type of Scrolling Led's

P10 Scrolling LED

P10 LED displays can be designed at any required size, for both indoor and outdoor signage. These panels have a total of 512 LED brightness implanted in the plastic housing for better display results. Several such panels can be combined together to make attractive signages. They come in 32*16 modules i.e 32 LEDs in each row & 16 LEDs in each column that collectively present 512 LEDs in panel.

P8 Scrolling LED

P8 Scrolling LED Displays are designed and customized in any size for outdoor signages. It gives super picture quality with excellent performance. The Led panels come with 32*16 (32 LEDs in row & 16 in each column)where the module size is 256mmx128mm. It delivers more than 5000 not stop performance & has a great
life span of approx 100,000 hours.

P6 Scrolling LED

With a pixel pitch of 6mm and 1200 units, the signboards are designed for Ultra-high brightness, it’s designed for outdoor outstanding performance. The Led panels come with 32×32 (32 LEDs in row & 32 in each column)where the module size is 192mmx192mm.

P4 Scrolling LED

Pixel Pitch quality of 4mm and 1200 unit high brightness display, these signboards are designed for an outdoor branding of business. The Led panels come with 64×64 (64LEDs in a row & 64 LEDs in each column)where the module size is 256mmx128mm.

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Benefits of Scrolling Led Board

The plus point of scrolling Lights is that it is attention-grabbing and capable of capturing more eyeballs in your business. It’s dynamic and artistic in nature to attract the passengers passing by. Compared with traditional billboards or signboards having traditional light bulbs the scrolling LED displays have a vivid LED screen with scrolling messages.

Scrolling LED display is the best advertising method that allows you to present unique video content and image content. The pre-programmed controller also permits you to specify a particular content at a nominated time. These unique features

The great thing about LED advertising is that it can be simply operated remotely with just a Wi-Fi connection. You can just control several LED advertising sign boards in a few seconds just by your mouse. It allows you to operate in the market with your convenience and market seasons.

Scrolling LED display sign boards requires less maintenance as these are made up of LED and not fluorescent bulbs. These Signboards give you a high return on investment. It’s durable as they are corrosion-free, Lightweight, and can withstand any season.

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