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Acrylic Sign Board Maker in Navi Mumbai

The first impression of your company at glance should be attractive and attention grabbing. An Acrylic Sign board in Navi Mumbai is a visual appeal that is designed with color variants to give photographic quality to sign or signages that works economically as an effective marketing tool. These signboards are commonly used because it’s durable & resistant.


We being a trusted acrylic sign board makers in Navi Mumbai serve signages with a backlight or spotlights which makes them attractive & professional in nature. It is designed with a wide range of color features & durable polymer material that is formed in plastic sheets, resembling the clarity of glass.


Acrylic Sign boards are mainly used by all types of companies professionals as it comes with various benefits. It is custom in the design that stands with all types of weather conditions that makes it suitable for both interior & exterior use. It has adapted itself to all business needs such as Indoor Acrylic Sign design for business indoor purposes that include reception signages, Outdoor Acrylic signs that mainly display a brand identity.


We, at EXSITEMENT, are one of the best acrylic signboard makers in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai with has years of 4+ experience & expert team to design & manufacture Acrylic sign boards in Navi Mumbai. We Customize your design on a board that spreads your brand awareness and helps for more footfall and traffic.


We Offer Economic Acrylic Signages in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai without hampering the quality!

types of Acrylic Signs in Navi Mumbai

3D Acrylic Letters

3D letters never appear to be flat as they can be designed in custom shape & letter. These letters give a realistic look that helps your business to stand out in a competitive market. These signs are designed attractively by embedding light in certain ways such as Front Glow where light is passed from the front and sidewall of the letter are non-luminous, Side Glow where light passes from the side of the letter wherein the front end of the letter are nonluminous, In All Side Glow Letter, light is passed by front & sides of the letter.

2D Acrylic Letters

2D Acrylic Letters are available in custom size & thickness from 3mm to 25mm. These letters are made up of high-quality acrylic sheets which are designed in a wide range of colors that are a great way to represent your brand identity.

ACP Router Cutting Signage

This type of board is used when letters are small or the content on signage is very complex. These acrylic letters are not 3D but embedded with the baseboard. As the name, the letter is Flung out from the ACP base, similar to the way a stencil is cut from paper. These stencil letters are cut into a base ACP Sheet by using a CNC router cutting machine.

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Benefits of Acrylic Signboards

Acrylic Sign Boards are remarkably durable & handle any weather situation. These signages are designed in a way that it doesn’t get damaged easily. It’s weather-resistant & waterproof. Our manufactured Acrylic sign boards in Navi Mumbai are highly preferred for exterior uses.

Acrylic Sign gives an attractive look to your business. As it is flexible & durable, it is mainly used in advertising a brand. Acrylic letters or signs of your business logo seem to be professional when placed on any background. It is designed in a way that grabs your customer’s interest in your business.

Our manufactured Light Weight Acrylic signboards in Navi Mumbai are designed on a smooth surface like glass which makes the sign or signage board clear & visible. Custom acrylic signs are made of different size, shape, and color, although they are light in weight & easy to install. These properties of acrylic make them more preferable signboards.

We provide Acrylic sign boards in Navi Mumbai with a customised design for any business. It has the quality to be bent or molded in any shape and size. It is flexible in nature that can be customized according to the interest & requirement of your business.

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