Sigh boards are the oldest pattern of marketing but still work very effectively and now it has upgraded to LED frames which promote multiple brands on the same board. There are lots of variants in Signboard and they have their own significance, some can be used for multipurpose or some can be for single-purpose which varies from business to business and can also make difference in different locations, for example, there is some market place where they are only popular for particular product or services so there marketing on signboard can be different from the market where it is famous for different verities of product and services. Lately, when signboards were not in existence business use to have their specific customer on a specific diameter even people living on that specific diameter use to take time, to understand that particular business services or products and it was too slow to process now signboards have converted that multiple days process to 30 seconds process.
Now every business wants to make their signboard unique and attractive and you are not in the wrong place as we have multiple experiences on how to promote different verities of business via signboard. We provide a one-shot solution which is designing, making, and deploying which elaborates in unique designing and adding perfect details with eye-catching designs and color as per the business, quality making which can go long-lasting and perfect deploying on the place where it fits your business.

Backlit Flex Board

We provide Star flex, MS Box pipe or GI Box pipe, Tube light or LED, & PO coated Tin sheet for the backlit flashboard. It is mostly used by all businesses in India majorly in the city as in India, the city works late at night and it is the point of attraction to the audience showcasing them that we are open for you. Depending on budget we also get few inquiries for only flex board without any light which is also possible for us.

Acrylic Glow Sign Board

Acrylic Glow Sign Board

There are different materials used for acrylic signboard as per budget. We provide Front glow, reverse glow, all side glow & side glow on acrylic. The material used in it is Acrylic, LED power supply, ACP, and sometimes vinyl stickers for colorful effects. Acrylic glow signboard is mainly used by businesses that have major income from visitors. Businesses like, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, textile shops, and various other products shops. 

Channel Glow Sign Board

 Channel is not different than acrylic, the only difference is only that acrylic gets replaced with SS channels or Aluminum channel. Depending on which side glow you required acrylics are used. The materials we are using are the same just the SS channel or Aluminum cannel are add-ons. Channel glow sign boards are used by the same businesses also there are addons for a business who don’t want glow on their signboard and want a classic and royal look to their boards like Jewelers.

ACP Glow Signboard

ACP signboard is always recommended by excitement as it fits into any domain and has better branding quality than any other. Because of ACP, Acrylic alphabets have got a great platform to show the true value on how to use them with unique concept and quality. The material used in ACP glow sign boards are ACP(Aluminum Composite Panel), Acrylics, LED power supply. 


People also ask

Signs are the best and cost-effective type of publicizing, advancing your business 24 hours every day, 365 days per year. Signs are the main purpose of correspondence between you and your walk-in clients/guests. also, from this, signs are the initial introductions individuals get of you and your business because it shows your physical presence and creates a trust in their mind who visits you. This also mirrors your organizations quality and creation quality.

Yes, we also provide fitting service which is included in our category packages also we have provided some photos of our work above which is not only our design work but also our fitting work. We provide experienced labor who have good experience in the same profile who have the ability to complete their task single-handedly on time.  

Duration varies with the category of signboard and the size depending on both with labor quantity duration can be easily calculated. If we say a flex board designing to the fitting of size 10’x5’ it will hardly take 3 days this time only belongs to Flex category timeline it also depends on the category of signboard which you pick. 
In a short fitting signboard, the duration depends on its category type, size, & quantity.

Always use shampoo mix in moderately warm water with a clean soft cloth after cleaning you can dry the board with a dry cloth or even by the newspaper.
Never try to clean with a dry cloth or rough pads as the dust on the board can make scratches and after regular use for few months acrylic color would be fade out.
Neve use detergent, spirit, bleach, or any other powerful acid or products to clean as they can cause damage to acrylic.

Every quality of signboard have their own life, Below are estimate practically assumed life span.
Flex Board – 8 to 10 years
Acrylic board – 10 years to 12 years
All other variants of the signboard's life lie in between 8 years to 12 years if and only if they have been kept in maintenance regularly. Life span can impact by few factors, they are location, quality, and maintenance schedule. Usually, most of the companies change their boards within 5 to 6 years as they want their brand logo and all contents should look professional and up to date.