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A web application is a computer program that uses a web browser to perform a particular function. It runs on a web server, unlike any other computer-based software that runs locally on operating systems and needs to be installed. The web application doesn’t need to be installed as it can be accessed through a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.). The web application is created by a developer who develops a front end of the web app by coding language such as (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that ensures the look of the application and the backend is all about using computer program languages ( PHP, Ruby, Python & Java) to ensure that the server, application & database run smoothly. It can also be created by a free CMS likes WordPress that allows you to customize your application as per requirement.



Application development helps to streamline your business so that you can get more work done in less time as having all information or data in one place, helps you to give greater visibility of the business and free up your staff time and allow you to run a report in real-time. The web application is flexible as it is created to be accessed 24/7 from almost any device or browser. With web application development you have a peach that your customer data is high security as it avoids frauds and browser threats. This application can be easily customized as per business requirements it mainly involves e-commerce web app development. With web applications, you avoid the hassle of memory usage and installation.



Being one of the known Web application development agency in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai we do market research and analyze your competitors before designing your brand presence. We offer all types of a responsive web app with the help of developers having years of experience. We design your web app according to your aim and vision that you are looking for. We design the perfect layout for your web app. This layout describes how information is categorized on the web app for a better user experience.

type of Application for people

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B means business to business this term encompasses all the companies that create & give product & Service to other businesses. This includes Software (SaaS) products, B2B Marketing Firm, & other Business Supply Companies. A B2B web app is a web app that is designed for the business purpose & not the retail Customer

Business to Customer (B2C)

B2C(Business to Customer) refers to a business introducing its product and service to numerous audiences. It refers to Selling a product online using a web app portal that allows the customer to purchase the product by selecting its budget.

Customer To Customer (C2C)

Customer to customer (C2C) is a business module that enables the customer to trade with each other using an online platform. C2C web app is basically featured where a customer can sell & Purchase a product.

Customer To Business (C2B)

A Customer To Business module is a module where a customer interacts with a business to contribute its product to business & avail its product price from the company. This web app is created where customers can sell their products to the business entity.

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Benefits of App Development

A web app is designed with clear navigation. These navigation’s  are easy to understand by their logical name such as About, Contact us, FAQ ETC. This quick navigation access allows the customer tonavigate to your web page and seek information.

Some web apps are built for online transactions  such as E-commerce web apps that need additional security measures. To reduce browserbased threats & keep customer’s data conditional. An SSL can be added to the application to avoid fraud & threats.

Web Application is developed as it gives you an app-like interface that mainly includes designing or developing B2C web apps like e-commerce, etc. This web app benefits with no installation compared to any other computer based software that runs locally needs to be downloaded or installed. This app can be accessed from any web browser.

The Huge Traffic on the web app is from tablets & mobile phones. The web app is designed in a manner that it adapts itself according to the display size that is represented. A web app is designed that looks aesthetically on both Desktop & mobile.

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