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Youtube Marketing

Youtube platforms are growing insanely fast because video is an extremely powerful advertising medium. If someone sees your brand on youtube will be more significant & memorable than any other advertising medium. Youtube marketing, it’s a practice of promoting business & products on the youtube platform by uploading informative & valuable videos on a company’s youtube channel or performing paid youtube ads campaigns. Youtube marketing not only includes sharing video or ads, but it also includes monetization of your youtube channel with appropriate 4000 watch hrs & 1k subscribers. If you are a blogger or business entity, you need to understand that monetizing your youtube channel helps you to make money from youtube.

Youtube marketing uses video-based content that attracts the attention of their ideal customer, as it’s more effective than a text-based concept. With youtube, you can share lots of content in a small span of time, when customers seek this content or information that solves their query it likely increases customer engagement on the channel. With your youtube channel, you can make your video in any selective language as Youtube doesn’t entertain the language barrier. Youtube notifications let your subscribers know about your new events, product, or content. It helps to boost SEO by creating backlinks by adding website links to your page or description on each video of your channel.


EXSITEMENT being a youtube marketing agency in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai help you to monetize your youtube channel with appropriate watch hrs and subscribers. We offer dedicated youtube marketing services to take your brand presence to the next level. Being a performance-based marketing agency we attempt to give you the best out of your ideas and vision. Our experts build a strategy that helps your channel with Youtube SEO to Youtube monetization and Youtube advertising.

type of Youtube Marketing

Youtube SEO

YouTube SEO is defined as optimizing your YouTube channel or video to make them rank higher on YouTube.This Optimisation includes video description, meta description, thumbnail adding the closing tag to video, subtitles, targeting right keywords. If this is implemented correctly it increases brand awareness and brings traffic to your business.

Youtube Ads

Advertising your products or services using YouTube introduces your business to a large audience as youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. There are 3 types of YouTube ads.TrueView ads, in this advertiser’s, pays only when a viewer watches video up to 30 seconds or till the end and takes any call to action. Pre-rolled are non-skippable ads that are played before the video or the midsection of the video or at the end of the video. Bumper ads are the third and the shortest types of YouTube ad; it’s just 6-second ads these ads play before a viewer chooses videos.

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Benefits of Seo

Creating a consistent video of your business opens the door for new visitors to visit your business and engage with your product and services. Through videos, you can reach multiple audiences worldwide even if you speak a single language. A closed caption & subtitle on your video can allow you to cater to different audiences with different needs.

Research suggested that video content is highly preferred & watch than any kind of text ad. Video content can evoke emotion like no other form of online content can. It can help a business to gain the trust of its customer; connect with them & grab their attention. If You Planning to hunt more audience you should probably go for video marketing.

Google is a universal search engine that
helps you to find your query with the appropriate images, news, books, and videos. Mainly it is noticed that the video appears more often in Google search results as Google considers video content to be more impactful. With this advantage you can create a complementary video on YouTube which will help you in ranking factor.

Youtube is the second largest search engine after google. With over 4 billion video viewers and 1 billion people visiting YouTube on a monthly basis a video advertising has gained great impact for years. Using YouTube for your business can easily reach your target audience and can give your quality traffic.

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