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Brochure & Flyer Designing

A brochure is a marketing tool used to advertise a business product & service to the existing audience as well as new audiences. It is an informative paper that can be folded into a template, pamphlet, or leaflet which gets customized in various shapes, sizes, colors & typography. A company brochure is a print advertisement used to focus on a company’s uniqueness and its benefits.

A well‑designed brochure server as a perfect introduction about your company to your audience. The distribution of your brochure can expand your business visibility. Brochures help to capture the attention of the potential audience by their design and appearance. It’s a pocket‑friendly tool that is less costly and mainly the business offers & distributes it free‑of‑cost to its customers.

EXSITEMENT is a digital printing company offering brochure designing services in Navi Mumbai for the past few years. We give value to your ideas and thoughts, by understanding your needs & requirements and try to convey the best output of your vision. Our expert designing team design brochure in innovative ways that help you in advertising your brand. We design your brochure by identifying your target audience and determining the type of information you want to include in it, selecting the appropriate layout & design, we create your brochure and present it to you. We are specialized in designing business cards, brochures, flyers, poster magazines, and news letters at an affordable price.

Type Of Brochure & Flyer Designing


A flyer is a form of paper advertisement design for the promotion of yours company's product & services. By keeping a simple layout and attractive design a business flyer can reach a huge audience.


A Tri‑folded brochure is a type of brochure that is folded twice over the middle section that offers six sides, which can be filled with your brand information. This type of brochure gives you plenty of space to talk about your brand value.


A half‑folded brochure is also one of the known types of brochure, which is also called book folded brochure; it is designed by folding a sheet into two halves (Two equal parts). This brochure is popular amongst marketing professionals for the flexibility and simplicity of its format.

Features of Brochuer Design

Core Content

A Brochure is designed in the ways that it keeps core content about a particular brand, its Product & Services. It allows Your business to assemble lots of content in a small area. This information helps the customer to go through company details and avail the benefits

Build Trust

A brochure is designed mainly to gain the trust of the Market audience with its information about company goals, vision mission & its Services. It's drafted & designed with the reader's intention, so it covers viewpoints that an audience is looking for.

Pocket Friendly

A brochure gets customized in any shape , size & color it is attractive and a trendy marketing tool that grabs customer interest toward business, and being pocket friendly it can be carried any kept handy.

Call to Action

An appealing & well‑designed brochure encourages the customer to take the brochure. This tactic is probably the effective method for getting a response back from the customer. So the call to action is a key element on the brochure which allows your customer to be connected with you

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