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In the digital revolution, a website is vital for your business. If you have a business and not a website you are probably losing your prestigious clients. Website development can differ from developing an E-Commerce website or designing a simple promotion website. A website can be static or dynamic, static websites are websites with the fixed code. It is delivered to a user exactly the way its design indicates that nothing will be changed on a web page by the user or site administrator unless its redesign. It’s the basic kind of website created by using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript which doesn’t require any server-side. A dynamic website contains information & content that changes accordingly to a viewer’s action on the website in minimal seconds. The contents on this site are stored on a database so if any new content is updated in the database it changes on the website also. It is developed by using server-side languages ( PHP, Python & Java). It can also be developed by using free Content Management Systems like WordPress which is an open-source website builder offering you free 1000+ themes, templates & plugins and can be customized as per business requirements.

Developing a website for your business transforms you from traditional to digital, it moreover brings your business to an online platform that is accessible to a global audience. The website comprises your business information, details of product & service this information exchange helps to earn the earned credibility of customers. With a well-developed website, a marketing strategy like SEO and Paid Ads can be performed and help you to rank on the google search page.

EXSITEMENT is a website development agency in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai we design websites as per your perspective and ideas. We offer you a responsive and professionally designed website, by developers having years of experience. Our Developer develops your website using several coding languages apart from the coding-based website we also deal with CMS websites like WordPress Website, Wix Website, etc. We develop a website like an E-commerce Website, promotional website, blog website, portfolio website which brings your vision to reality.

Type Of website development

The E‑commerce website is an online platform that promotes the selling of goods and services and means of transfer of information and funds over the internet. The main motive to create an E‑commerce website is maintaining a good relationship between business to customer (B2C)and business to business (B2B).
Businesses planning to make their digital presence can develop an informative website. This can be developed by using free CMS like WordPress or Wix. Or by a coding base normal static website that keeps detailed information of your business and its product & services.
A blogging or web blog is a website that is developed to indicate particular information to a numerous audience. A blog website can be created either by developing, but mostly is preferred by WordPress as bloggers mainly equate with re‑editing, writing, and design content.With WordPress, it can be easily designed or developed.

Features of website development

24/7 Accessibillity

A website is developed to make its business visible in the eye of its ideal clients. The website allows your customer to navigate your business 24X7, It gives detailed information about your product & services. Customers can avail of this information and make their purchase decisions

Freedom for Optimization

Web development allows the freedom to edit its section as per requirement. Its title, description, Heading Tags, etc can be optimized as per google algorithms for SEO output. This Optimization allows google bots to crawl the website for ranking purposes

Better Google Ranking

A responsive website can be optimized by following all SEO guidelines and help your business to rank better on search engines. This ranking factor can give your business more relevant traffics in your local area as well as global.

Minimize your Bounce Rate

A well‑developed website comes with clear information about who you are, what you do, etc. This detailed information helps the audience to navigate to all web pages and seek information that automatically minimizes your website bounce rate.

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