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A Logo is the face of the brand that grabs the attraction of your audience and allows them to recognize you at a glance. If you got a startup or a business you probably know the role of the logo for your business. Your logo is one of your valuable assets, that intended to conveys a message about who you are, what you do & How your brand benefits your potential customer. A well‑crafted & designed logo gives an effective first impression to your customers.

Logo plays a vital role in promoting your brand name by its unique appearance. Your brands make you visible to a large audience by displaying its logo. A logo gets customized in shapes, color, Typography & symbols to give professional identity to your brand. A striking logo that looks good on a website or social media or any platform can make a huge difference in customer engagement. As your brand expands, Your logo is most recognizable to a large audience.

Logo can be designed in various typography, shapes, colors, styles with help of an expert having great knowledge of design. The logo is crucial for your branding purpose so Exsitement makes sure that the logo design by us meets your audience. We are not just a designing agency, we are a team of expert, Creative minded individuals that understand your need and vision to get a professional logo that is related all to your brand.

Types of Logo Designing & Branding Services

Word mark is the simplest type of logo, casting your brand name in the text, font alone. Which indicated its signature and existence to the audience.

Letter mark is also known as a monogram logo which is a typography-based logo that contains letters, usually an initial letter of brand name


Brand Name is also called a pictorial mark, which contains no text but is an image of an icon-based logo.

Features of Logo Designing


A logo act as the face of the company. it compromises symbol, typography, colors that are quickly recognized by people & associate with business. Its uniqueness & Visual presentation makes it memorable to a large audience.


A logo consists of an icon, Color & wordmark. which is Self‑ Explanatory, So it's designed Appropriately which highlights the company vision, its mission & service to its elite customers. This classification of the logo makes it catchy and different from its competitors.


A logo Is designed for various uses it is customized according to a Business store or a website or some social media platform. It is always designed in vector format, to ensure that it can be scaled in any required size.


A logo must represent a company name or the nature of its Existence uniquely. It describes the brand name and reflects the Concept & Services of a company. Which shows relevancy & the essence of the company which is well remembering.

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