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Neon LED’s Board

The Neon Sign is made up of long luminous gas tubes that were heated and bent to make various shapes & letters. Custom Neon Was in fame till the 1920s later was less in demand as LED’s Technology was invente. LED which Stands for Light-Emitting Diode. These LED Sign Boards are made up of small LED’s which are placed closer to each other into thick plastic backing which can be bent into the shape you want & cut as per the need.


LED signs use less than 20% of light energy as compared to other light. This are in offers multiple color choices, fading & flashing effects, whereas traditional neon signs only provide flashing light that too with limited colors(Red, Orange, and shabby pink). LED Signage’s have a long lifespan as it doesn’t contain any gases or glass tubes which are prone to leak & break. These signs work well both indoor and outdoor and they hardly need any protection from the climate as it is weather resistance.


We at EXSITEMENT are a team of professionals who design Neon LED Sign Boards in Navi-Mumbai & Mumbai. We assure you that our designed & manufactured Neon LED Sign Boards would help you to get your brand identity. Signage’s boards designed by us are unique , cost – effective, and of high quality.

type of Neon Led

Single Colour Neon LED

 Single Colour Neon LED is one of the most visual & brighter types of advertisement. It appears in various designs, shapes & fonts that make your Neon LED Sign attractive. Single color Neon LED lights are used for interior decoration of MNCs, plaours, salons as it looks attractive for the users passing by.

Multi- Colour Neon LED

At a glance, multiple color Neon LEDs seem to be aesthetically pleasing to a large customer. The popularity of Multi-Color Neon LED is undeniable, it is a vital attribute to night light. It is neon sign boards that come with multiple colors that are mainly used by bars, restaurants, cafes where this light plays a huge role in the advertisement.

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Signages earlier were made up of neon glass tubes & gas that basically break or get damaged if not handled with care, whereas modern Neon LED signs are made up of LED strips that can be customized as per need and don’t get damaged easily.

Neon LED Sign consumes less energy as it doesn’t contain a glass tube as a traditional neon sign. It is durable & lasts for a longer period as it is made of lightweight led lights.

The brightness of the LED sign is one of the important factors that make it different from other signs. These signs produce light that is easily readable & accessible from long distances.

Unlike neon gas producing limited colors, neon LED’s have vast range of color choices. That not only makes them ideal for business signage’s but also make them a beautiful part of your interior design.

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